About Mike Perry – Graphic Artist & Web Designer

40 Years of experience magazine publishing and internet website creation

I am a free-lance Graphic Artist and Web Designer in the Stamford, CT area. I have been active in the arts from 1980 to the present. I have been employed by Ziff-Davis Publications as Art director for Business & Commercial Aviation Magazine and by The McGraw-Hill Companies as Production Manager/Art Director of A/C Flyer Magazine. In 1994 I published my first web site for A/C Flyer. This was only two years after the World Wide Web was created. I was recruited to aid in the design of the McGraw-Hill Corporate home page shortly thereafter. I worked for Chaite Associates, an advertising agency for six years. I haveĀ  recently held down the Special Projects duties for TAM Communications, the publisher of American Iron Magazine, the leading news stand publication for Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts. TAM also publishes RoadBike Magazine for the Imported motorcycle fans.

During these thirty some years I have also worked on developing my skills in video production, photography, and as a cartoonist. I have managed to maintain a diverse background so that I may be able to solve a wide range of technical and design problems. Here, in these web pages are many samples of my work output.