A colophon is a section printed in the last pages of older books that describes the papers, the book trim size, fonts, and any unusual printing techniques used. In that spirit, I offer the following about this web site:

it is based on WordPress, the Open Source blog and CMS software offered by WordPress.com. Open Source means it was developed by a fine group of developers and programmers, and is constantly updated by users and the development teams. It is offered for free, and is a tremendous collection of web goodies for the price!

More specifically, this site is based on the template Interphase, which is produced by Elegant Themes. This site uses widgets available for free from WordPress.com, and are too numerous to name here. A few third-party FLASH elements are also included here.

The site is hosted on www.FatCow.com, arguably one of the finer low-cost web hosts out there. There rates for annual hosting are reasonable, and FatCow gives ample server space, free email mailboxes, databases, and much more.

The domain name www.mikeperryweb.com was purchased from www.networksolutions.com.

The site was constructed using Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 for the web pages, and Adobe Photoshop CS4 for the images. Video elements were produced using Adobe After Effects CS4, Sorenson Squeeze 6, and Apple QuickTime Pro. Stock images, video clips, and sounds & music were purchased from Digital Juice.